Real Estate and Other Asset Owners

You worked hard to build your wealth, we'll work hard to protect and grow it.

Working with clients, we saw the time and capital they invested in growing their assets for themselves and their families. As clients prepared to exit their ownership position and lock in their hard-earned gains, they were unable to do so without incurring exorbitant tax liabilities that eroded their return.

We knew we had to find a way to protect our clients’ asset appreciation.

Because of this, we developed the 453 Exchange. A structure that enables you to capitalize on the assets you’ve built, without your earning power being eroded by taxes.

A 453 Exchange is suited to highly appreciated asset owners who are:

Are concerned about the losses they could face in tax liabilities

Are uncomfortable with the uncontrollable risk of buyer default in owner financing scenarios

Want control of the way they receive income from their asset appreciation

Want to protect the earning power of their hard-earned capital gains

How It Works

Proven solutions tailored to our clients' needs

First, we help you tailor you 453 Exchange to your tax, income and wealth planning goals.

You may structure the 453 Exchange to distribute interest only payments or fully amortized payments. You may also elect to keep a portion of your proceeds up front, and roll the remainder into a 453 Exchange deferral.

Once the 453 Exchange is set up, the Buyer transfers the sale proceeds to the Principal in exchange for the business.

Telos Capital acts as the Principal in the transaction and holds the proceeds from the sale, fulfilling your 453 Exchange over whatever time frame you have selected.

Protecting Your Earning Power

Telos Capital works with all parties to facilitate the transaction from start to finish. Once the transaction is completed, you accomplish several very important things:

Tax Deferral

  • We help honor the lifetime of work you’ve invested in your asset growth by maximizing the value of your asset sale through tax deferral. This enables you to keep more of your money working for you and earning a return.


  • You built your wealth to create a lifestyle for yourself and your family. We work with you to tailor your 453 Exchange to your unique income, tax and estate planning needs.


  • The 453 Exchange enables you to build a strong, passive income stream from your wealth. You harness the pretax earning power of all your sale proceeds, earning a guaranteed rate of return during your tax deferral.


  • As a Principal, Telos Capital is well-capitalized with substantial equity to ensure the security of your 453 Exchange.

It’s your wealth. We keep it working for you.